Vintage Church Pittsburgh Launches on Easter

On Easter Sunday, April 21st, Vintage Church will officially launch in Pittsburgh in two strategic locations.

Pittsburgh City

Sundays at 11a
213 Bailey Ave / Pittsburgh, PA 15211

Pittsburgh West

Sundays at 5p
965 Thorn Run Rd / Moon, PA 15108

Vintage Church Launch Events:

4/19 - Good Friday Gathering (7p) at Vintage Church - Pittsburgh West

4/21 - Vintage Church Easter Sunday Launch

  • 11a at Vintage Church - Pittsburgh City

  • 5p at Vintage Church - Pittsburgh West

Pastor Rob Wilton, his family, and an amazing team from Louisiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee moved to Pittsburgh in August 2018 to plant a new church. As they began this new work, the Lord united the vision of Pastor Ken Cordray and Living Faith Community Church in the West Hills. Together Vintage and Living Faith merged to plant a multiplying church with the Send Network. This new church has already grown, and people are being changed by Jesus.

Through the Send Network, Vintage also began to partner with Pastor Adam Sewell and The Well Church. The Well Church has faithfully lived out their mission to love God, love people, and do something about it. They are strategically located in the city on top of Mount Washington and they host the NAMB-Send Relief work in Pittsburgh. As Pastor Rob Wilton, Pastor Ken Cordray, and Pastor Adam Sewell began to serve Jesus together, they recognized that they were STRONGER TOGETHER.

In April, Pastor Adam Sewell, his team, and The Well Church will merge with Vintage Church and continue building upon the ministry that they have started in the city. Pastor Adam will transition to serve with Vintage as a Send Relief Missionary for Send Pittsburgh. This partnership will form one multiplying church in two locations in order to lead Send Pittsburgh to plant other Send Network churches and Send Relief centers around the region. Send Pittsburgh will officially re-launch in August 2019 and we will partner with other churches like Reclamation Church, Renaissance Church, and others to plant 25 new churches by 2025.

On Easter weekend, Vintage Church will officially launch in Pittsburgh.

We would love for you to pray, partner, or join us for this celebration.

This family is growing and we believe that this is just the beginning!!!