In 2019, Vintage Church is committing to read through the Bible together! While many of us want to read the Bible, we have no idea where to begin or we simply think it’s an impossible task. But with a desire to do it and with help from the right tools, we can read the Bible consistently in 2019. Enter the the F260 Bible Reading Plan.

F260 is a tool designed to help you consistently read and meditate on Scripture. With F260, you can read through all 66 books of the Bible in one year, while still having the flexibility of reading 5 days per week. Along with this Bible-reading plan, we are also committing to journal through our Bible reading utilizing Pastor Robby Gallaty’s HEAR journal. HEAR stands for Highlight, Explain, Apply, and Respond. To learn more about the HEAR journal, check out Pastor Robby Gallaty’s blog explaining the HEAR Journal.

Below you will find several different ways you can access the F260 Bible Reading plan as well as our vGroup studies associated with the F260 Bible Reading plan. Let’s commit together to read God’s Word together in 2019!

F260 & Foundations Resources

Digital Content

Foundations Books by Robby & Kandi Gallaty